If you like what we’re doing here you could really help encourage more content with a share on any social media platform. Da Vinci Top Acryl 7482 #12 Paint Brush with Sythetic Bristles and Long Handle. Da Vinci production masters take great pride in selecting only the finest quality hair, which is of the utmost importance for the longevity and flexibility of a Kolinsky brush. Da Vinci are a brush manufacturer based in Nürnberg, Germany – hence the ‘Made in Germany’ in gold lettering on each of the brushes. details. There is still many techniques to learn and with plenty of practice my painting will continue to improve. ", "As a professional artist I use a lot of supplies and I've been shopping at Jerry's since 1996! The da Vinci IMPASTO brush range has been designed as an elastic “painting knife brush.” With extra strong, white synthetic bristles The brush disposes of the strength especially needed to work with fluid and heavy body acrylics as well as texture gels and pastes. As world-class manufacturers of art tools and supplies, Da Vinci is loved by customers throughout Australia. Now I would never look back! da Vinci Künstlerpinselfabrik DEFET GmbH Tillystraße 39-41, 90431 Nürnberg imprint | privacy policy. Please Note: This site uses affiliate links. ... CosmoTop Spin Brush Set 5231-4 Brush Set - Multi-Diameter. Jason Craze – Monument Hobbies – Ask The Artist, Brinton Boehm – Huge Miniatures – Ask the Artist. They are definitely worth a try. Includes. The brush splayed a little when it reached the top of each loop (a movement problem). 4.6 out of 5 stars 79 $44.66 I have never used Sable before, so I wasn’t sure on what all the fuss was about. Every brush in this set is well shaped with a nice sharp tip. I found that when painting minis, the brush splayed a little when going around the curved shoulder armour of the Space Marines. I lost some of the definition and details – particularly their faces. $25.00. I saw a great improvement in my painting (seen in the photos above) and found the experience much more enjoyable. For this review, I have chosen to paint Idoneth Deepkin Namarti Reavers with the Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 brushes. I am definitely only going to use Sable brushes now and couldn’t ever want to go back to synthetic. The brushes in this set are made from Tobolsky Kolinsky Red Sable. Painting models revealed an issue with splaying. The quality you get with Sable is so much better than synthetic. Price: $219.99. Shop online from a professional art supply store offering quality, selection and the best prices! Da Vinci MAESTRO Kolinsky Red Sable Watercolor Brushes are full-bodied and have a strong, perfect point. ", "Jerry's makes my love for painting possible. They are both delightful. The embellishments on the corners of his cape were easy to paint. This was easily fixed by touching up though. The brush returned very quickly to its original point after it was pressed down. Chances are pretty good that you have used sable brushes before, but perhaps without realizing it. You will never look back! #00000 has a good pointed end and performed nicely in the tests. The Maestro Collection™ A crescendo of our passion for innovation and design, Maestro is a non-heating fireplace that delivers flawless performance. Proper care and cleaning for these brushes will ensure that they maintain their shape long after use and many washings. You can subscribe in the sidebar for RSS or by email below, (Sidebar is below the article on Mobile Devices). Da Vinci Maestro Kolinsky Travel Brush is the finest Maestro Kolinsky series of Da Vinci Brushes. phone: +49 (0)911 96 128 0 This brush has excellent movement and can create thin lines. It also performed slightly better in the following tests. da Vinci Maestro Watercolor Brushes Made from natural Kolinsky red sable hair Using hair from select male Kolinsky red sable tails, da Vinci Maestro watercolor brushes hold a perfect point, possess plenty of elasticity, have a high capacity for holding color, and … As a keen miniature painter for a couple of years, I have bought many brushes – mostly GamesWorkshop Citadel brushes. #00 has a nice rounded point, however it has some issues. What did you think of this Review? I tend to shy away from models with a lot of skin and difficult details, but I was feeling brave. The loops show a fairly even distribution of pigments throughout. At the second spot, we have included the Da Vinci Maestro, which is a series of high-quality, top-of-the-line brushes that can be used with oil and acrylic paints. This brush maintained its fine point throughout and returned to its original shape when splayed. All Micro-Maestro Watercolor brushes hold a perfect point and are ideal for all types of miniature, table-top and micro painting. There is a slight problem with movement on some of the loops but it’s nothing major. #1 applied the paint well and didn’t splay. Ive tied the 8404 range which was very good and i love the rosemary & co brushes…well worth a look. da Vinci Watercolor Set 5536A2 • Series 10 Maestro Kolinsky Red Sable Rounds • 4 Brush Set. They maintain their shape incredibly well and rarely splay. I have tried some art-store watercolor brushes from other brands and my experience was not the best, so I tend to avoid them these days. Make Offer - Da Vinci Oil Paint Kolinsky Red Sable size 1 Brush Series 1800 Maestro acrylic NEW DA VINCI ARTIST WATERCOLORS 18 pans: 6 Full and 12 1/2 size in Metal Palette $107.39 This item: da Vinci Watercolor Maestro Kolinsky Red Sable Brush Set 5500-3 Brush Set - Series 10 Sharp Round in… $44.66 Only 13 left in stock - order soon. They constantly need replacing and just aren’t of a high enough quality to last very long. First up is the Series 10 Maestro Sharp Round from da Vinci. Lowest Price - This item is already at the Best Lowest Price Possible and no further discounts or coupons can be applied. Penselsæt da Vinci Maestro, Siberian Tobolsky-Kolinsky rød mårhårspensel (udvalgte hårstrå i vinterpelsen fra hannens hale). Video: Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 Brush Demo Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 Round Watercolour Brushes are made from red Kolinsky sable and meet the highest standards. This brush performed well in the tests and held its shape. CHECK OUT THE BEST HOBBY STUFF 2020 HAS TO OFFER. However, I have never considered myself an expert or even an intermediate painter. They can splay when going around tight bends. It spread the pigment evenly and consistently – especially in the washes (bottom left). Artificer is high-end Kolinsky, but hardly anyone buys those when W&N Series 7 brushes cost half as much. Best Brushes for Painting Miniatures & Wargames Models – 2020, Warhammer Conquest Magazine Contents Per Issue (Issues 1 – 80), Strip Paint off Miniatures Cheap and Easy – A How-To Guide, Best Paints for Miniatures & Wargames Models – 2020, impcat – Digitally Paint your Miniatures & Models with impcat, Essential Hobby Tools for Miniatures & Wargames Models – 2019. Is […], The Da Vinci Micro Maestro Series 100 is a small set of 4 Kolinsky […], She is one of the latest models I have picked up and yet to use […], Whole enthusiasm for doing anything Necromunda related has died an […], Back on trying to get the Assault Intercessor unity finished […], Even the great AI needs some human help sometimes and sometimes […], OK he only works in a very specific list! The best brushes are the brushes that work for you. It’s great for fine detail work on models, but it did sometimes struggle with movement around tight areas. Where Artists Shop For The Best Supplies, Values & Service! I get what I need at the lowest prices", "I'm grateful for the high-quality resources that Jerry's provides". Til akvarel- og vandfarver. For each test I used acrylic paint – Vallejo Model Colour Brown Sand thinned slightly with water. Da Vinci Maestro Brush; The second spot in our recommendations has a paintbrush set for beginners, so let’s talk about the flipside of the coin. Compared to the synthetic brushes I’ve used before, the Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 brushes were a blessing! The Da Vinci Maestro Pocket Brush series 1503 size 8 works well as a travel companion due to its versatility, compact size when stored, and sturdy, screw-down case; lending itself well to quick sketches, thought out studies, and onsite finished work. They strive to meet the needs of customers throughout the world who are looking for quality tools. Jerry's Artarama has been proudly serving artists since 1968 with only the finest art materials & supplies. It has a straight black double section handle of artificial horn handles which protects the brush head when stored and recerses to extend the handle. Contents of the set may be substituted without warning I order all of my gallery supplies & lots of frames! Da Vinci Maestro 2 Hog Bristle brushes are meticulously crafted, with extra strong, yet elastic double-boiled bristles to give more spring and longer life. #1 made significantly smaller and thinner lines than #3 and #2. A range of synthetic Acrylic brushes in a lovely wallet. Da Vinci provided these brushes free of charge for a review. I haven’t tried any other high-quality brands so, when I received the Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 brushes, I was very excited. Subscribe and receive coupon specials, great promos & VIP offers! Each Da Vinci brush is Handmade in Germany by a master brush maker. As they handle thinned paints, the techniques of glazing and wet blending will work particularly well with these brushes. The set contains 6 top quality da Vinci brushes: da Vinci MAESTRO Kolinsky sable brushes Series 11 Sizes 6 & 2 – These are the wonderful brushes I have always loved and used over the years. It performed exceptionally well in all the tests. Citadel Layer brushes are sable, and Shade brushes are a synthetic/sable blend. However, this is only a minor irritation and they are still worth buying. With this series of brushes, Da Vinci are providing a high quality sable brush with a sharp needle-like point, excellent water carrying abilities, great spring and control. They maintain their shape, refrain from splaying and hold their needle-like point so it’s much easier to paint fine details. While painting minis, I found that it’s a good brush, mainly suitable for undercoating. #0000 is my favorite brush in this set. Da Vinci Micro-Maestro Kolinsky Detail Brush Set. This brush held a lot of paint (see the long line of loops) and evenly deposited the pigment throughout. These are only minor irritations, but they do impact the overall feel of the brushes and quality. So, these brushes will definitely improve you hobby. Sold by The Journalist and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Add to Cart. It also maintained its shape and refrained from splaying. The Da Vinci Maestro travel pocket brushes are what I use besides the Holbein waterbrush. Overall, I managed to get the base layers down efficiently and accurately. It held a lot of paint to reduce the time needed to go back to the palette. Includes the following brushes: Size 20/0, Size 15/0, Size 10/0, and Size 5/0. AU $53.00. This brush performed well when splayed and quickly returned to its original shape. Free shipping. From size 12 upwards each brush comes in an individual gift box with a piece of brush soap to take care of the precious sable hairs.The size 50 brush has a natural handle and a matt brushed silver ferrule. This brush never splayed while painting and had excellent movement and control. They have short black polished handles and seamless silver ferrules. SeniorArt : 35 Da Vinci MAESTRO - Adhesives and Tapes Boards Books Brushes Canvas-Stretchers Cutting Instruments Pencils and Drawing Easels Folios and Carry Cases Pads and Journals Palettes Papers Pastels Dvd's Acrylic Gouache Oils Watercolour Ink Markers And Pens Pigment Gift Voucher Mediums Sets Colour Charts and Leaflets Graphic Art Supplies Graffiti Art Supplies Charcoal … Meget høj kvalitet og god farveoptagelsesevne. From first impressions they look like regular hobby brushes with their black polished handles and gold lettering. "I have been a loyal customer..it has been a 15 year relationship now. The difference these brushes have made to my painting is incredible. The loops at the top and the washes at the bottom show an uneven distribution of paint. $12.99. They have a long body to carry lots of water and paint. Series 35, #3 Unique Round shape with an extra long taper at the tip. #2 is very similar to #3, however it has better maneuverability. Kort skaft. I generally prefer to paint with smaller brushes as fewer mistakes happen. For the base layers of this model, I used the #1 and #00 brushes. In this review, I have done tests on each of the brushes to convey their properties (how well they hold paint, maintain their shape and distribute pigment). Due to the brush’s sharp rounded point, there was less of a need to touch up as many errors. 6pcs Artist Paint Brush Sable Hair Detail Miniature Brush Painting Brushes Set. The brush snapped back to its original shape after being pressed down and creates very fine lines. The Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 brushes are actually designed for watercolour paints. ", "I draw, paint, sculpt & carve. The one I use often is size 6. da vinci watercolor series 10 maestro paint brush, round kolinsky red sable, size 6 (43379) for $33.20 from da Vinci Brushes. However, it did struggle with movement around the tight curves of the loops. Da Vinci Watercolor Brushes; Da Vinci art products have been faithful to many artists around the globe for many decades. I used this brush the most when painting minis. It was difficult to perform the tests with this brush – it’s too small and didn’t hold much paint. The brushes are available from size 1 to 12. They refrain from spreading paint where you don’t want it to go. I have been using synthetic brushes for a couple of years now. Da Vinci Micro-Maestro Kolinsky Detail Brush Set Of 4. She has been painting miniatures for the last two years and is collecting mostly Warhammer 40K, but does have a small collection of Age of Sigmar. #0 has an excellent point and would be great for large details or base coating small areas. They have made their name on quality products and now enjoy a prestigious position in the community. Lauren lives in rural Somerset, England with her parents, younger brother (also a Warhammer fan), cat, tortoises and chickens. They just weren’t holding up after a few uses. However, #00 did splay while painting which is disappointing. So here is what I found. Please note that the unevenness of some of the brush strokes are due to the thicker acrylic paint. These models would be great to showcase the brushes’ performance. Great service. Sometimes paint would end up spreading to where it wasn’t wanted (hence the thickness of some of the loops). Da Vinci Maestro Kolinsky Brushes - Series 11 - Full Belly Round Brush Red Sable. MAESTRO brush set in a gift box. They have always done the job – I can’t say brilliantly, but they still worked. Series 10, #3 Round European shape - sharp at the point and just slightly slimmer . 3 of the 4 sisters are complete, at least and the idea of one […], Lets be honest it is and always will be about the murder buckets […], Are you trying to your improve your miniature painting and art? $24.99. I love using them and will continue to for a long time. However, the pigment distribution on the loops was not so good and it has a small movement problem. Overall, I would say that the Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 brushes are definitely worth buying. The Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 brushes are actually designed for watercolour paints. I bought four of these in various sizes, 2, 4, 6 and 8. It was always difficult to paint details on models so I simply didn’t buy detailed models with faces, scars, etc… My synthetic brushes often splayed and have become completely deformed (I don’t think that even brush soap could fix them!). Unfortunately the layers of paint began to mount up on the models. The Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 brushes are amazing. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. As they handle thinned paints, the techniques of glazing and wet blending will work particularly well with these brushes. The brushes I mainly used were sizes #3 (undercoat) #0 (base coat) #0000 and #10/0 (details). ", "My go-to place to buy quality art supplies. The only minor imperfections with these brushes are that a few have a small problem with movement. I’m incredibly impressed with how they performed. Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 – Sable Vs Synthetic, Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 – Availability, Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 – Final Thoughts and Conclusion, Best Airbrush for Miniatures & Models – 2020, The Best 3D Printer for Miniatures & Models 2019, How to Make a Wet Palette for Painting Miniatures & Models, Mortal Realms Magazine Contents List – Issues 1-80. I found this brush to be the most disappointing in this set. Series 11, #3 Round English shape - fatter in the belly for extra water holding capacity. Since then I have refined my colour scheme and gained more experience due to practice. Unfortunately, it didn’t distribute pigment very well, but this doesn’t really affect how it paints when used on a model. Regular price $31.00 Sale price $0.00 Unit price / per. #1 is a finer brush and is a good size for base coating and washing smaller areas of a model. Both new and experienced painters will find these brushes useful. Warhammer Imperium – New 40k Magazine from Hachette Partworks? We are dedicated to you, the artist! If you want to create a Da Vinci brushed canvas, the selection here at Pigment Lab will help you out. please let us know in the comments. This brush is ideal for base coating or washes over large areas. Unfortunately, while painting with the brushes, a few issues came to light. Da Vinci Watercolour Paint Brush Sets & Watercolour Paints Australia. I didn’t use this brush as much since I prefer #0000, which is of a similar size with better pigment distribution and control. The smaller brushes are a nice size for painting details on minis. Affordable outstanding discounts & better paints! It performs brilliantly and was easy to control when painting tiny areas. By increasing the quality of your brushes, you will improve. All brushes in the set are size 3. Ive used these brushe and agree with your assessment on the 00 in particular, mine wont keep a point. It returned back to its original shape after being splayed and held its form excellently. Anyway, good that the Da Vinci set is working out well for you. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. On the da Vinci website you will find high-quality handmade brushes. This is a shame, otherwise it appears a good brush until I used on an actual mini. I’ve never owned a sable brush and I’m intrigued to see how they compare to synthetic. Size 8 is a huge step up from 6, which explains why it cost almost twice as much. Click this link & buy your hobby stuff from Element Games for the UK & Europe to support FauxHammer.com – Use Code “FAUX2768” at the checkout for double reward points. Thank you Jerry's! As you can see, I still need to fix some areas, but it’s nothing compared to what I usually have to do. The small embellishments around her neck were painted with my favorite brush in the whole set, #0000. I'm hooked on Jerry's! Home › da Vinci Watercolor Set 5536A2 • Series 10 Maestro Kolinsky Red Sable Rounds • 4 Brush Set. ... maybe even four of the $4-$6 variety brushes, before this single da Vinci, or W&N brush begins to ever show signs of aging. Learn how your comment data is processed. $52.00. da Vinci Watercolor Set 5541A2 • Series 1311 Maestro Kolinsky Red Sable Flats • 4 Brush Set Regular price $37.00 da Vinci Watercolor Set 5540A2 • Series 1505 Maestro Kolinsky Red Sable Extra Short Rounds • 4 Brush Set Our large assortment comprises cosmetic brushes, artist brushes, hobby and craft brushes, school brushes, nail brushes and dental brushes. Da Vinci's " Maestro " designation is reserved for brushes manufactured using male winter Siberian Kolinsky Red Sable fur. MAESTRO brushes are known for there longevity, a large capacity to hold color, elasticity, and a finely tailored tip with snap. For the details on these models I mainly used #10/0 and #0000 brushes. But he is such a cool […], The Rathcore Miniature Grip V.3 and Rathcore Miniature Holder V.3 […], Copyright © 2021 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes, Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 Review – Summary, Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 Brush Set Overview and Design, Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 brushes – Mini Painting. They have short black polished handles and seamless silver ferrules . Da Vinci Brush Maestro 2 Bristle Brush, Short Filbert, 12. 4.8 out of 5 stars (20) Total ratings 20, AU $9.51 New. They are the perfect shape and size for edge highlighting, small details and facial features. They are excellent value for money, considering that they are a high-quality product. On the da Vinci website you will find high-quality handmade brushes. I didn’t need to fix as many errors that come with splaying and badly shaped brushes. These are the 1503 series of travel brushes. This brush is similar to #1, but is more accurate and better for smaller areas of a model. Da Vinci Maestro Watercolor Kolinsky Short Handle Brush Set of 4. These brushes have greatly improved my painting, making the hobby much more enjoyable. They have a short black polished handle and a silver coloured metal ferrule. The name says it all! They are suitable for watercolour, gouache, glass painting, graphics, design and restoration. Shipping calculated at checkout. There are still some minor things that need touching up due to my shaky hands! This brush is great for the smallest of details (particularly faces) and edge highlighting with its sharp point. In dramatic contrast, Kolinsky sable brushes are a miracle! ", "I am a constant customer and "recommender". I have been painting for a couple of years now. Site Map Privacy Policy About Jerry's Website Features. The short handle Micro-Maestro Kolinsky Detail Brushes were created for watercolor artists that paint intricate details. It splayed quite a lot and I opted for using #0 or #000 instead. Size #000 is a good detail brush with a nice rounded tip and it had excellent elasticity. ... NATURAL HAIR BRUSH ASSORTMENT | 5506. selected pure Kolinsky red sable hair. Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colors, DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oils And Mediums, Profile Extra Deep Stretcher Strips & Cross Braces, BEST Aluminum Stretcher Bars & Cross Braces, Pro Stroke Powercryl Ultimate Acrylic Brushes, Stonehenge Fine Drawing & Printmaking Paper Pads, Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor Blocks, North Light Educational & Adult Coloring Books, Artists Handbook Of Materials & Techniques, Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colours, Artist's seeking kolinsky red sable brushes. Winsor & Newton 13mm Artists Watercolour Sable One Stroke Brush. The Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 brushes are easy to get and are available in the UK, US and Europe. Proudly Serving Artists for Over 50 Years! However, they work incredibly well with acrylic paints used for miniature and table-top painting. The round brushes in this set range from size #10/0 up to #3. Free shipping (3) Da Vinci Paint Yellow Ochre #292 37ml Tubes Watercolor New Tube. This brush produced well formed loops which are all fairly consistent with even distributions of pigment. It snapped back to its original shape when pressed down and splayed. I will go into detail about each brushes’ performance individually and explain what this shows. While painting models, #1 kept its rounded point and was really nice to work with. Free postage. For the models featured in this review, I only used Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 brushes (even for the undercoat). Our affiliates are shown in the sidebar on the homepage. It has a perfectly rounded point. Their watercolor brushes come in a huge range of prices, from $1000 dollars and above to a few dollars for each brush. However, they work incredibly well with acrylic paints used for miniature and table-top painting. da Vinci Watercolor Maestro Kolinsky Red Sable Brush Set 5500-3 Brush Set - Series 10 Sharp Round in Sizes 5/0, 0 & 4 in an Elegant Black Gift Box. Brushes come in a zipped wallet that helps keep each brush in perfect condition. MAESTRO brush set in a gift box NATURAL HAIR BRUSH ASSORTMENT | DL555. da Vinci Watercolor Set 5540A2 • Series 1505 Maestro Kolinsky Red Sable Extra Short Rounds • 4 Brush Set Regular price $25.00 da Vinci Pin Striping Set 4052A2 • Casaneo New Wave Synthetic Pin Stripers • 2 Brush Set Two equally-sized tufts of bristle are set against each other without tension and made to interlock. To anyone who is using synthetic brushes – get yourself some Sable ones. I save a lot of money", "A large selection of unusual and best performing items seldom available from other companies. They are some of the more affordable high-end brushes they come in just under the average price of brushes … It has a good rounded shape and a nice point to its end. Base brushes are synthetic, of course, though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing for their intended purpose. The bristles are made of the male winter tales of Siberian Kolinsky red sables. For everyday painting though, i still find it hard to beat armypainter for sheer value. They use quality materials and traditional skilled craftsmanship to create carefully shaped products. The extra sharp needle-like point and longer tapered hair length result in faster action at the tip and the tightes... + READ MORE. 5 out of 5 stars ... Da Vinci Maestro kolinsky Sable - Series 10 - size 3. Ideal for both the novice and more experienced artists. This is a shame, but next time I will thin my paints down more. The hand-shaped and interlocking bristles provide better color-carrying ability. The brushes hold large quantities of paint and water which increase the working time with the brush. Da Vinci has long-standing experience in manufacturing high-quality artist brushes. Made of selected Kolinsky red sable hair. The wallet opens into a handy stand for easy access while painting, and folds flat again for convenient storage and transport. Most of the brushes maintain their shape well throughout painting and will last, provided with good care. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you’ve never tried Kolinsky Sable brushes, then you’re missing out. The brush is great for fine details and some edge highlighting. Indeholder: tre pensler fra serie 10 (rund) - nr. The hexagonal handle is comfortable to hold for long periods and will not roll away on the table when not in use. I know that I can save money on the best materials at Jerry's", "Jerry's carries all the paper I need for my watercolor. Dramatic, and a touch unexpected, our vertical or square display is a captivating portrait with tall, elegant flames, which leaves a lasting impression on architects, builders and owners alike. Therefore I used it in the same way as #3. Da Vinci : Maestro 2 Bristle Brushes : Series 5023 / 5123 / 5127 / 5423 / 5723 / 7223 I show a Size 1 in my new Watercolor DVD, but the Size 2 does the equivalent job. This is the smallest brush in this set. They feature long tapered hairs shaped into a fine point with excellent elasticity. Size #2 is slightly smaller, but is too big for painting details. You will find, like I have, that these brushes will improve your hobby and are wonderful to work with. These are top-of-the-line, high quality brushes. What I’m trying to say is that I’m an experienced beginner if that makes any sense. Options ... As the only website to offer the entire collection of da Vinci paint brushes, Madison Art Shop is proud to present these high quality tools that are vital to any serious painter. If you are considering getting a set of travel watercolour brushes, you are probably wondering which of these two to get - The Escoda Reserva Kolinsky-Tajmyr Sable Travel Brushes or the Da Vinci Maestro Travel Pocket Brush. Enjoyable read thanks. The MAESTRO brush series from da Vinci uses white hog hair bristles built with the natural curve of the bristles facing towards each other. Parka lent me his Da Vinci brushes so I could compare them with my Escoda brushes. With practice comes improvement and again, I don’t claim to be a pro or even an intermediate painter. I painted this model after the two completed ones further on in this article. Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 – will these brushes improve my hobby / painting? The brushes didn’t splay, held lots of paint, maintained their needle-like points and had great manoeuvrability. However, the quality of the brushes is of a high-end product. Our large assortment comprises cosmetic brushes, artist brushes, hobby and craft brushes, school brushes, nail brushes and dental brushes. Click the share links at the bottom of this screen (or on the left for computers and tablets), Want to keep updated with the site? Quantity. Da Vinci Micro-Maestro Kolinsky Detail Brush Set Of 4, Includes the following brushes: Size 20/0, Size 15/0, Size 10/0, and Size 5/0, Contents of the set may be substituted without warning. Preferred as the best brush by many miniature painters. They produce Artist, Cosmetic, Nail and Dental brushes.

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