You can adjust quantities from your shopping cart before completing the sale. In addition, we have some bagged firewood for sale. Dry and seasoned firewood perfect for a slow burn to heat up any home. In many respects Macrocarpa lusitanica is a better building timber than radiata, particularly in the durability stakes.As macrocarpa is a cypress it has natural oils that deter insects and fungal growth making the timber the equivalent of H3.2 for use above ground. Delivering pine, manuka, gum, macrocarpa and other firewood supplies. Macrocarpa wood for firewood, keep your home warm with firewood delivered to your door for the wider Wellington region. 0 Likes. It is one of the most naturally durable exotic softwoods grown in New Zealand, and is resistant to insect and borer attack in sawn form. Firewood. Macrocarpa is renowned for its natural durability and has many uses. The wood saws and works easily owing to its fine texture. Tags: macrocarpa, wood sale. $99.95. Dry and seasoned firewood perfect for a slow burn to heat up any home. This guide describes the variety of panelling products available and outlines the straightforward process of installing them. Hardwood usually costs more, gives off more heat but takes longer to dry than softwood. *Prices are 1.2m³ per crate Ray tissue gives the wood a lustrous appearance similar to that of hoop or kauri. GUM Gum is a high density wood which is ideal once your fire has been going for a while. Firewood for sale in the Wellington area, choose from Pine, Gum, Manuka, & Macrocarpa. It holds nails well and the gluing and painting properties are good. Get your winters supply of firewood now. Sapwood colour: pale yellow-brown and little different from the yellow-brown heartwood although wood from old trees tends to be darker. As they typically function as appearance products they generally have no structural requirements. Or call us on (03) 21 444 14 to place an order. Click on a wood below to read more about it, or to place an online order. Therefore they tend to be the best firewood types for heat and for cooking. No other cladding material can offer the design freedom, ease of handling, range and natural beauty of timber. Compare prices for pine, macrocarpa, and hot mix across the country and find out what to consider when choosing and storing firewood. Our firewood is 6 months seasoned, With our custom built vehicles and reliable equipment, we can deliver everything you need to heat your home with firewood. We supply several types of firewood from our custom premises from kiln dried pine blocks through to split Pine, Macrocarpa & Gum. A large number of specialist suppliers and producers offer the consumer extensive choice of profiles for all of the most common and popular joinery products. The wood saws, planes and works easily owing to its fine texture. Timber is an ideal material when considering these aspects as it is a material that is light, strong, natural and renewable. This guide discusses the common elements involved in specifying, constructing and installing timber windows, © 2020 Forest and Wood Products Australia Ltd. WoodSolutions is an industry initiative designed to provide independent, non-proprietary information about timber and wood products to professionals and companies involved in project development and design and construction in the built environment. This originally exotic species commonly used for windbreaks on Victorian farms is becoming increasingly available commercially. For Sale in Cork: Large pieces of the tree trunk of macrocarpa. Macrocarpa has yellow-brown heartwood colour, darker in old trees, sapwood 40-50mm, is paler coloured. Lot 9 Dante Road, Upper Hutt, T: 0800 4 BAZZA Cheap dry macrocarpa and pine lose or bundled firewood for sale by the truck or trailer load. Air-dry density 475-485 kgm-3, wood is soft with a fragrant, spicy odour. The texture is fine and even with visible growth rings. Buy and Sell Group Firewood $120.00 m3 delivered Taranaki. Modern finishes give a long lasting and attractive appearance to timber cladding and can be used to change the colour and style of the building, making it a versatile material that will keep pace with changing tastes and fashions. The tree was also introduced to New Zealand in the 1860’s, tropical Africa and Madagascar and was planted mainly in shelter belts but occasionally in plantations in New Zealand. It holds nails well; the gluing and painting properties are good. Weatherboards, pergolas, landscaping, exposed rafters and beams (internal), shingles, tongue and grove panelling, flooring overlays, feature gates and fencing, slabs for kitchens and bar tops, shop fittings signs, tables, (use for furniture is comparable to radiata pine although the long term performance is adversely affected by the low hardness (c. 65% that of pine)), boat building, cabinet making, wood turning and carving, fence battens, stairways and balustrades, laminating, picture framing and joinery and firewood. The heartwood exhibits a fragrant spicy odour or ‘pencils’ similar to that of western red cedar. We are now selling Kiln-dried Pine Off Cuts all untreated and ready to burn tonight. You can pick it up yourself so bring a trailer or we can put it into a bin to make it easier to load into the boot of your car. Firewood supplies the wider Wellington region with first-rate firewood to keep you and your loved ones warm. The heartwood exhibits a fragrant spicy odour or ‘pencils’ similar to that of western red cedar. Cabinetry is often associated with joinery and most typically includes, cupboards, benches and other similar ‘built in' furniture. If you’re interested, please contact Damian on 06 752 6979 or 021 806 968 or Email The species is originally from the United States of America; in Australia it was commonly used for windbreaks on Victorian farms, where it was planted around 70 to 100 years ago. We sell only seasoned firewood and are specialists in hardwood. Timber cladding has an inbuilt flexibility that provides natural advantages on sites subject to high winds, extreme climate, highly reactive soils, subsidence or earth tremors.

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