Our Curriculum




Students At Work

We go all out to make sure that our students get the most comprehensive bartender training program offered today.

Students learn basic and complex drinks, all of which are very popular and highly ordered cocktails throughout the Pittsburgh region. We don’t clog your mind with drinks recipes that you’ll never make or that are not frequently ordered.

We focus heavily on customer service and providing the best experience to your customers.

We teach beer tapping and pouring with the Anheuser-Busch “Beertender” training program and the Guinness Beer “Perfect Pour” training program in addition to working with and drawing beer
from real beer kegs here at the school.

We believe that you learn to bartend by actually getting to do it first hand. This way you know your stuff, inside and out. Our graduation requirements are among the toughest in the industry.
Our students need at least a 90{1cac84b7e43aef907dac93a0a5e860cdd4a41d278fa24787e5c38ea879706ec2} overall testing average in order to graduate unlike other schools where a 70-75{1cac84b7e43aef907dac93a0a5e860cdd4a41d278fa24787e5c38ea879706ec2} average will do.

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile in everything that we do, and it shows because our graduates are some of the best bartenders in the industry today.