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Moonstone pendants are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry. Moonstone Bracelets 925 Sterling Silver Rainbow Round Moonstone Girl Bracelet Moonstone Jewellery for Kids. All types. Since it’s such a beautiful stone, it’s no wonder that it’s made that transition a time or two. When used in the office, moonstone brings balance, concentration, relaxation, and strength. While it might not technically be the moonstone that actually protects you, moonstones do help us tap into our minds to think clear thoughts that keep us safe from harm. Visit Moonstone Meaning & Properties for more about the benefits of moonstone. The last thing you want is to damage your moonstone. India knew the feminine and sensual properties of moonstone, which is why moonstone was a gift to newly wedded couples. You'll reap more of the benefits of moonstone this way. India's moon god, Chandra, would also wear the moonstone on his forehead. It’s a great gem to showcase for love and commitment. Women's Jewelry And Accessories. This is why moonstone jewelry is so popular. The name Moonstone comes from the moonbeam-like adularescence that sparks from its core. Just get some dish soap and a bit of warm water and gently scrub away at the surface and in between any cracks. The pendants can lie near your heart so you'll feel inner peace. It ranges in colors from white to light blue to lavender and pink. Some people use it to improve their romantic life. The History of Gemstones: What is Moonstone? Harsh cleaners can damage the stone. Moonstone is famous for its iridescence. Including Links of London, Silver Bangles, and Gold Bracelets. Moonstone Meaning and Healing Properties. Moonstone Meaning - The Stone of New Beginnings/ Calms Emotions Moonstone Meaning - zen jewelz Moonstone meaning: a gemstone of new beginnings. The meaning of moonstones has its roots in history. The cloudy effect that it can sometimes have really does just add to the look and magic feeling that this stone has. It boils down to the fact that the moonstone gives a calming effect to your overall body and being and then what happens in return is that you feel more relaxed which can then help you to fall asleep. Moonstone Natural Birthstone. This is why moonstone also represents sensuality. You can also use a non-acid based jewelry cleaner or dish detergent. Holding this type of moonstone helps you feel at peace. Our array of moonstone pendants, earrings and rings are a perfect jewellery gift. The look of the stone relates to the symbolic implications. The moonlight will help energize the crystal. Wear moonstone as jewelry to keep your life stress-free and balanced. The most valued stones have a blue luster and perfect transparency. Rainbow moonstone in … Moonstone has long been associated with bringing calmness and relief for emotional stress. Revered throughout history and one of our favourite gemstones, moonstone has long been considered June's birthstone. Blue moonstone is also a powerful healer, relaxing you in times of pain and distress. Like the moon, this stone is reflective and reminds us that, as the moon waves and wanes, However, if you take the proper care and be gentle, you should be able to have your moonstone for a really, really long time. Facts And Meaning You Should Know, What Does 925 Mean On Gold Jewelry? It enhances intuition and encourages the wisdom and patience to trust Divine timing. Buy Moonstone Fine Bracelets and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Moonstone then traveled to Europe. Moonstones are also considered to be more feminine as well. Rainbow moonstone bracelet, Silver bead bracelet, beaded bracelet, stacking bracelets,delicate silver bracelet,'Daydreamer' Serenity project SERENITYproject. Sterling silver adjustable rose-cut moonstone macrame friendship bracelet with 18K gold plated finish. Moonstone Meaning The powers of the moonstone are deeply linked to the moon itself, focusing on love, fertility, good fortune and protection during dark times. The moonstone is known for balancing hormonal and reproductive issues as well as emotions. Its colors shifts from the angle of the lighting that hits it. It is said to evoke tranquility and can re-energize the mind and body. Wear moonstone as jewelry to keep your life stress-free and balanced. If you have a moonstone of your own, congrats! Moonstone signifies balance, relaxation, feminine energy, love, and fertility. Some cultures see moonstone as a representation of the yin, or feminine energy. Cancer is represented by a crab, and people born under this … Moonstone is a powerful crystal associated with the superior chakras. The moonstone is actually considered to have a softer outer surface than other stones so this is something to be aware of. Moonstone is also considered a birthstone for the month of June, along with the pearl and alexandrite. The meaning of moonstones has its roots in history. A sort of internal healing, if you will. You’ll find out the answers to your questions and more just by reading below. Women's Fashion. Moonstone meaning. Moonstone is a lovely stone that boasts many healing powers. The moonstone is actually considered a lot of things but being a healer, a good luck charm and even a token of love are just a few of them. Necklaces are great for moonstone as well and earrings would be a simple choice, too. Refrain from wearing moonstone during the day and save your moonstone jewelry for nighttime wear.
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