You can try reloading the page by clicking here. Swing mechanics. Some hitters make the mistake of turning their heads to the side and only watching the ball with the front eye. She explains her approach for teaching the 'Swing' phase of hitting mechanics - something she calls 'Phase 3.' One of the best youth swings, featuring on our videos, ready for success, facing a dominant fastball pitcher. Click here to get instant access over your computer or mobile device. Hi, I'm Michele Smith. I think of it more like a compound catapult. Please vote A , B, C, or D Top hand and rotational/ core-turn mechanics, bettering many professional baseball players, the back foot turns before contact is made, turning from the core. 5.6K shares; Facebook 482; Pinterest 5.1K; Today, we’re going to talk about the first basic part of girls softball hitting: the stance. This is a statement that I had heard before but it had never been directed specifically towards me. We will never share your information. That'll give you the greatest opportunity to increase that batting average. Watch to ensure your bat is approved for play in ASA, USSSA, and NSA fastpitch s... Read More, Two-time Olympic gold medalist (Atlanta, Sydney) fastpitch player Michele Smith ... Read More, Former Division One Head Coach and National Pro Fastpitch National Champion, Car... Read More, Two-time Olympic gold medalist, Crystl Bustos, hits the 2014 DeMarini Insane fas... Read More. Fastpitch softball, also known as fastpitch or fastball, is a form of softball played commonly by women and men, though coed fast-pitch leagues also exist. The Three Phases of Your Softball Bat Swing. Personally, I have changed what and how I teach hitting significantly over the past 15 years. So that quick explosive swing to contact is gonna help you a lot. Think hips then barrel: We know that buying a bat might not be easy, but we are here to help! How To Turn Fastpitch Softball Hitting Mechanics Into A High Level Baseball Swing…Can It Be Done? You can find 28 of them inside the Softball Hitting Skills and Drills eBook. She has a wealth of knowledge from her years of experience as a professional fastpitch player. Can fastpitch softball hitting mechanics be equal to baseball? When it comes to fastpitch softball pitching, there are many various techniques and mechanics that need to be covered. The most debated, analyzed, and scrutinized part of our game is arguably fastpitch softball hitting. You want to make sure that your fingertips are across those seams and that there’s a space between the thumb and the index finger, and there’s also a space so you’re not palming the ball. Softball Hitting Technical. Batter should have a “two eyed look” – with the head turned forward and both eyes focused on the pitcher’s release point. Call Us at 1-866-321-2287 for Assistance. Pitchers should grip the ball so that their fingers rest on the seam when it is on its side. Practicing these mechanics will help any hitter develop more bat speed, more power, and more consistency at the plate. fastpitch pitching mechanics in slow motion 1000fps video by amanda scarborough and softball power drive So a lot of times when we're talking about our swing I want you to think about focusing on your front arm, lead with the elbow, almost like you're throwing a Frisbee. In order to be quick to contact your hands basically need to move across your body, short and quick. Throwing speed also depends on the position you play, so check out my article on each position in softball. Home. Softball. We apologize for the inconvenience, but something went wrong with this page. Engage your kids in practice. We want to avoid our hands getting long or casting, because that gives the opportunity for the pitcher to throw under our hands and get us out. How we stand in the box, the way we set ourselves up to face the pitcher is extremely important. Register Log in. A sweet softball offensive progression is made up primarily of the following three things: The stride: This requires you to get in position. First, we’re going to go over proper grip. In this article, we are going to illustrate 10 keys to an effective softball swing. She has a wealth of knowledge from her years of experience as a professional fastpitch player. However, most pitchers find control and comfort with a grip that allows the ball to rotate from top to bottom. Batter “loads” the swing with a linear move back, away from the pitcher, Shoulders stay level and square to the plate, Smooth, rhythmic movement from negative move into positive move, Short (3-5 inch) light stride with front foot, Head stays centered over body and slightly in front of belt buckle, Weight is equally distributed between front and back legs, Do not lean forward, firm up or collapse the front leg, The back elbow swings down and “connects” with the back hip, Focus on closing the gap between the back elbow and back hip, No dropping or dipping the barrel of the bat, The barrel comes down to an even plane with the hands, Hips are starting to turn in a rotational movement, At Pre-Contact, hands are higher than the barrel of the bat, Back elbow passes back hips as the back hips open up, Body remains centered – no lean forward or backward, Back heel comes up but does NOT spin or “squish the bug”, Wrist-snap: release the back wrist (top hand) as ball meets the bat, Shoulders and arms extend out and form a triangle (“Power V”), Do not spin off the ball (caused by premature turning of the back foot), Weight has transferred forward to the front foot. The proper way to hold the ball is to hold the ball so that there’s a C — you want to find the C in the seams — and you’re going to place the index finger and the middle finger on the seam, and then reach around and grab the seam with your thumb. The Rise Ball. Coach Enquist has a variety of unique drills you can use to reinforce these mechanics, and help improve your hitters’ bat speed and power. Need help in finding, selecting, or caring for your bat? The International Softball Federation (ISF) is the international governing body of softball. Mix and match eligible items for extra savings! “The fastpitch softball player, mastering Laser Reflex, and Laser Beam drills. Practicing these mechanics will help any hitter develop more bat speed, more power, and more consistency at the plate. All Rights Reserved. This week on The Softball Academy Show your host Shannon McDougall talks about the mechanics of hitting. Prepare for the 2013 softball season with a 3-day instructional camp based out of sunny Clearwater, Florida. Win more games! Swing Mechanics Part 3 The Upper Body from Fastpitch Softball Radio Network on Podchaser, aired Friday, 23rd December 2016. I’ve also worked with several Pro Fastpitch Softball players. And we're just really talking about the movement of the bat and the arms for this particular segment. Hip, shoulder, lead arm pulling swing c. Same swing as the first 2, but lead arm pulling with the shoulders, along with the back arm pushing, Everything in unison. Welcome to Discuss Fastpitch Your FREE Account is waiting to the Best Softball Community on the Web. Ages 8-18 welcome. Hitting Mechanics – Getting into the Proper Stance. Feet are a little wider than shoulder width apart with an equal bend in the knees. While there are many approaches to teaching hitting, we’ve found this to be the most effective in fastpitch softball. The grip should be tight and steady but n… Everything is easy to learn and simple to teach. How do I determine what size bat I should get? The best way to get this movement is to turn the softball so that the seam makes a “U” to the side, instead of up and down. Forums. Hitter should be in a relaxed, athletic position. Physicists can have a field day watching a softball pitcher and explaining how she uses force to accelerate the ball and how external forces act on the ball after she releases a pitch. D. All this is cra#, and you have no idea how a swing works What swing do you believe in. Again remember to avoid getting long or casting your arms out quick across body like you're throwing a Frisbee. Check out the complete Softball Hitting Mechanics online clinic if you'd like to see the full 48 minute video. Baseball. Please upgrade to a supported browser: Answer a few simple questions to find your perfect bat. Two-time Olympic gold medalist (Atlanta, Sydney) fastpitch player Michele Smith explains proper swing mechanics. I want to take a little bit of time to talk to you about what the proper swing looks like. You can find out more about this camp at the following link: © 2000-2021 Pro Athlete, Inc. 10800 North Pomona Ave, Kansas City, MO 64153. Perfect Swing Drill. I recently came across an article called The Three Little Pigs and Softball Pitching and it got me thinking about how fastpitch softball pitching mechanics have advanced over the past couple of decades. You want to make sure there’s a space there betwee… Let me be clear: A good swing is a good swing. Today on Part 3 Shannon will focus on … Full credit  to 11-time NCAA Coach of the Year Sue Enquist for  pioneering this method! Fastpitch players should be able to throw 60+ mph in order to get a shot at playing college softball, so it’s a really important skill to develop. The obvious purpose of a softball hitting drill is to help a batter develop a more productive swing. For this softball hitting drill, your players will use a normal bat and swing through 10 times at the same pitch, trying to feel the bat travel, working on good bat speed. Two-time Olympic gold medalist (Atlanta, Sydney) fastpitch player Michele Smith explains proper swing mechanics. The ISF recognizes three pitching styles: medium pitch, "modified" fast pitch, and slow pitch. The Softball Hitting Skills and Drills eBook is packed with 28 innovative hitting drills that show you exactly how to develop a picture-perfect swing. Get great face time with collegiate coaches and recruiters! Softball Skills and Training. When a player learns the proper mechanics of softball pitching, she’s really taking a physics lesson. Download your copy today! So you can start using these drills TONIGHT (even if you're new to coaching). Here's a great video clip from 11-time NCAA champion Sue Enquist. See more ideas about softball drills, softball, fastpitch. All explained with step by step instructions, illustrations, diagrams, and coaching tips. Windmill Pitching Style. Softball Hitting Mechanics Video Clinic. Home » Softball Drills » Softball Hitting Drills » 10 Keys to an Effective Softball Swing. Truthfully, I brought this discussion upon myself because I asked a Softball player (we'll call her Sarah for confidentiality) if she wanted any help with her swing, unsolicited. Although most coaches, parents and players already know that… if you are still in doubt or don’t trust my experience and expertise, let me help you in your journey from the dark side to the light. And this movement right here is going to get this bat head as quick as possible from start point to contact, a quick explosive swing is going to allow you to hit the ball the best, make adjustments when possible. As with most parts of pitching, there is no right or wrong way to hold the ball. Learn skills from the best in womens fastpitch while getting exposure to top coaches & players. Improve their skills. Your left leg should be in front of and away from you, with the right bending inwards a little in readiness for the hip snap. Hip, Shoulder, lead arm pulling, back arm pushing swing. The Same. Get great face time with collegiate coaches and recruiters! Browser Not Supported. Apr 10, 2018 - Fastpitch training videos, tips and products to take your game to the next level!. With technology that we did not have in the past, “best practices” continue to evolve. Top Fastpitch Softball Home Run Hitters 2013 – Home Run Swing Mechanics – by MrBatSpeed. Answer a short series of guided questions to see bat recommendations created just for you. Talk about being quick to contact. This limits depth perception and tracking of the ball. 6:14 . © 2021 In this article, we are going to illustrate 10 keys to an effective softball swing. Front shoulders start point to contact. "The Softball Swing is totally different than a Baseball Swing." The hips are the handle of the whip. Fastpitch Softball Hitting Mechanics: Using the Upper Body Properly by Tim Covey I n this tip I explain a couple aspects of using the arms properly during the swing. You’ll notice that these keys include both a “linear” move – which loads up the body prior to the swing, and a “rotational” move – which brings the bat into the hitting zone to make contact. The swing works like a whip. 100% Privacy Guaranteed. Prepare for the 2013 softball season with a 3-day instructional camp based out of sunny Clearwater, Florida. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the basic mechanics and fundamentals. Since the first Olympics in 1996, the sport of softball has truly grown. Once you see how incredibly natural, astonishingly effective, and ridiculously EASY this system is - you'll wonder why NOBODY ever taught you these secrets before!